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Indian students’ Migration to Australia due to stringent British immigration rules

Many Indian students are planning to migrate to Australia for study due to stringent British immigration rules. Australian Universities have seen an application flood from Indian student and a 15% rise in number applications is determined from India. Nearly, Pool of 32,500 Australian visa applications were filed by Indian students in the period from July 2011 to March 2012 as it was 28,067 last year. Recent Official information states that India had occupied second highest place in sourcing visas from July 2011 to March 2012. There was a 14 %increment seen in visa allotment to Indians during that time. British Universities have observed 30 percent applications fall from Indian students due to stringent British immigration policies. On the other side, Australia is trying to expand its education sector globally which was smacked in past by strong dollar value. Complex UK visa rules shifted the view of Indian students to Australia for study. The attention of students was caught by Australian Immigration Department and introduced a new visa processing scheme to invite many applications from India. As a result of this, many Australia Universities have registered with Australian Immigration. The new scheme accepts certificates of enrollment in specific Australian Universities from students who apply for Australian student visa and treats them as Low risk applicants. This results in no waiting time and minimal financial requirements. According to the recent updates, only Australian Universities will have the access to new system. Tertiary Education Minister, Chris Evans notified that access to other colleges will be in next year as part of education expansion. Streamlined new arrangements made by Australian Immigration will eliminate the hurdles of students in migrating to Australia for study.

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