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French Parliament Restricts Unskilled Workers Settlement in France

Migration of unskilled workers to France will become rather difficult as the French Parliament has decided to back the controversial immigration bill that would make it difficult for unskilled workers to settle in France. On the other hand, the bill will encourage highly skilled workers to Settle in France migrating from outside the European Union. The decision of French parliament to back this controversial bill has not been accepted by some quarters in France as they feel it is a racist step. The controversial proposed law will expect the immigrants entering France from outside the European Union to sign a contract stating that they would learn French and that they would also respect the Republic of France. Also it would be difficult for them to bring over their families to France. The Bill has been approved by the Deputies in the National Assembly, but has to be passed by the Senate. The French authorities are of the view that the recent rioting by the youth in suburban France was indicative of failure of immigration as well as integration system. Naturally, the unskilled immigrant workers who are already in France will find this new proposed law a hindrance to becoming a part and parcel of France and may discourage others from migrating to Francefor greener pastures.   Connect with us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/#!/opulentuz Follow us on: http://twitter.com/#!/Opulentuz For any queries and clarifications visit our forum: http://www.immigrationforum.opulentuz.com

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