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Engineers are advised to apply for Australian work visas before 1st July 2012

Australia is facing skills shortage of mining engineers & this is a good opportunity for the foreign engineers. They can apply for this position under the General Skilled Migration [GSM] Programme.

It is advised to the interested candidates to apply for these visas before July because the Australian government is going to introduce new changes to the migration program from 1st July 2012. Under the modified changes introduced by the government the visa process may get delayed because the applicants first need to file an Expression of Interest and if the application is accepted then he/she can proceed further.

Currently, engineers moving to Australia to work in the mining industry could be paid well in excess of AUS$100,000 per year, as this is the salary usually paid to new engineering graduates in Australia. Demand for foreign talent is still high as the industry finds it difficult to fill all vacancies with skilled people from Australia.

So people who want to apply under General Skilled Migration Program should apply for the skilled and assessment as soon as possible. He /she should also have completed the English Language test.

Australian Skilled Occupation List has requirement for many other engineering roles for which foreign skilled workers are required.  Immigrates can move to Australia to fill this skills gap & if they come out successfully through the points based system.  The list shows the requirement of electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, engineer manager and structural engineer.

Apply for Australian Skilled Migration Program from Opulentus & start your visa process immediately to get successful results.

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