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Canadian immigration under Quebec skilled worker visa program

Quebec is the largest region in Canada which is attracting skilled workers with various employment opportunities. When one migrates to a foreign country, he/she should be financially stable, hence when you migrate to Quebec your first priority will be a job in Quebec.  If you want to migrate to Canada and work in Quebec then the best option for your Canadian immigration will be Quebec Skilled Worker Migration Program.  The Quebec skilled worker program is specially designed for people who want to settle down in Canada permanently and apply for Canadian PR. What is process of Quebec skilled worker immigration program? The selection criterion for Quebec skilled worker immigration programis based on a points system & the candidate is assessed using immigration points calculator. But the selection is totally different from the Canadian immigration under federal skilled worker visa.  The skilled worker need not have an employment offer from Canadian employer.  The applicant can qualify for any of the occupation under the skilled worker category. In order to qualify for the Quebec skilled worker visa the applicant need to score specified points mentioned below through the Quebec immigration selection system.

  • Single applicant-49points
  • Applicant with a spouse or common-law/conjugal partner must score - minimum 57 points
Immigration to Canada & Canadian PR If the applicant scores sufficient points under the Quebec immigration points system, he/she will be granted a certificate of Quebec selection and Canadian Permanent Resident Visa. Point’s distribution for Quebec Immigration Selection
  • Training                           – 28 points maximum
  • Valid   employment offer  -10 Max
  • Experience                       - 8 Max
  • Age                                  -16 Max
  • Language  proficiency       -22Max
  • Stay and family in Quebec -8 Max
How to apply for Canadian Migration? If you want to Migrate to Canada, apply for Canadian Permanent Residency, need information on Canadian immigration under Quebec skilled worker visa then contact Opulentus. Get all details about Canadian immigration visa services, documentation, eligibility criterion & visa requirements. Connect with us on FB:     https://www.facebook.com/#!/opulentuz Follow us on: http://twitter.com/#!/Opulentuz For any queries and clarifications visit our forum: http://www.immigrationforums.opulentuz.com

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