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Canada deports the immigrants accused of crime

Rising criminal activities or illegal residence of immigrants in Canada imposed the Federal government to withdraw the citizenship of many immigrant criminals. The immigrants or illegitimate should deport to their native countries once held. Be it a student, investor or any businessmen, if found of illegal residence fall under crime cases and withheld to leave the country.

Over the years, the Canadian government have encountered many illegal immigrants residing in Canada without an action taken upon them. These illegal immigrants impose their own rules not paying taxes, misbehave with other citizens and thus escapes the prosecution and deportation from the country.

According to polls conducted in Canada, people feel that the illegal immigrants are law breakers and should leave the country even if they have legal dependants. A federal report reveals deportation of 41 immigrants who where held committing a crime against humanity in 2006.

At present, the illegal immigrants have an opportunity to appeal wherein the accused has to adapt to Canadian heritage and contribute to nation strength. If, the immigrant does not abide by the rules and encounters an evil destabilising the social structure, have to deport from Canada without a trial.

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