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Australian Skilled Worker Visas

Australia is a prosperous country with huge employment opportunities for foreign workers. Every year, Australia allows thousands of immigrants from all over the world to come and settle in the country.  For skilled workers who wish to migrate and settle in Australia for them there are too many immigration options. For assessing the applicants for Australian skilled worker visas age, qualifications, experience and other factors are considered. The Australian skilled migration program is designed to attract highly skilled individuals within 45 years of age and who has the ability to contribute to the Australian economy.  Applicants need to fulfill the basic requirements of the skilled migration program only then they can continue with the application. There are different types of visas available for migration. You need to be sure of the visa type suitable for you.  The different visas for migration are categorized in the following manner:

  • General skilled category: for foreign candidates who are at present not in Australia.
  • Overseas student category: for foreign students who are at present studying in Australia.
Applicants under these two categories can apply for the below mentioned skilled migration visas: Skilled - Independent (175) Visa Candidates who apply for the skilled Independent Visa must meet the following requirements:
  • The applicant should possess skills or should have experience in any of the occupations mentioned in the list introduced be Australian Immigration.
  • The work experience of the candidate should be recent and relevant.
  • He/she should be able to speak and understand English
  • Clear the points test
Benefits of Skilled Independent Visa:
  • No sponsorship is required for the visa
  • It’s a permanent residency visa
  • You become eligible for Australian citizenship after 4 years
Skilled - Sponsored (176) Visa The Skilled Sponsored Visa is other good opportunity of Australian Migration for those applicants who cannot meet the requirements of the Skilled Independent Visa.  Applicants under this category should either be sponsored by an eligible relative meeting in Australia or nominated by a participating state or territory government. The Skilled Sponsored Visa is also based on a points system.  If the applicants manage to get sponsorship from the state or territory then they are awarded with 100 points.  Applicants may get approval for permanent residency and it totally depends on the Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC).  Sponsorship from the following State/ Territory is considered by the Australian Immigration.
  • Victoria
  • South Australia
  • Queensland
  • Tasmania
  • Western Australia
  • New South Wales
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • Northern Territory
Skilled - Regional Sponsored (475) Visa This visa is a temporary visa valid for 3 years, and is intended for those applicants who fail to meet the requirements of the Skilled- Independent Visa.  The applicants can apply for Australian PR after living in the country for 2 years & worked for at least 12 months in the special region of Australia. For eligibility under this category the applicant should satisfy any of the following reasons:
  • The applicant should be nominated by a participating state or territory government agency.
  • He/she should be sponsored by an eligible relative living in a selected area of Australia.
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