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Australia unwinds visa rules to encourage students

The government of Australia worried by continued decrease in the Australian student migration has determined to loosen up the visa norms. The decision regarding the simplification of visa rules has been agreed by Michael Knight, Former New South Wales Minister. The government of Australia acknowledged the recommendations submitted by Michael Knight. Equal level of evaluation for all overseas students despite their country of passport is included in the recommendations, and for Australian student visa, the students need to pay less than $36,000. Most of the overseas students from India and China are turning to Australian Universities and Colleges due to increased dollar value of Australia and global economic crisis. Tertiary Education Minister Chris Evans said, "The university and vocational education sectors have been concerned for some time that the visa system was making them uncompetitive in what is stiff competition among provider nations," Smooth visa process and the affordable financial requirement for overseas students are mainly incorporated in the proposal recommended by the Labor Government. Students will just need to show enough funds for their living and study expenses in Australia. The recommendations will include new work visa for overseas students similar to the work visa scheme proposed by Canada and New Zealand which is offered to the students after completion of their studies.  Based on the duration of study in Australia, the post-study work visa for 2-4 years duration will be offered to overseas students.  The only thing the students have to prove is that they are genuine and will return their natives after the completion of studies. Michael Knight in a press conference said, "It's not enough to be genuine about your studies and have no intention of going home, nor is it enough to be genuine about going home but not serious about your studies.” India and China are considered countries with more risk and hence high evaluation levels are used for students, and they are also asked to show more financial funds if they apply for a visa in most of the countries which are the main obstacle for students. Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said, "Our consultations found that the financial requirements for student visas were too onerous, so we are reducing the financial requirements for some applicants, with students now needing around $36,000 less in the bank when applying for a Visa said in a statement accompanying the report's release.”

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