Opening up a business in Honk Kong- All that you want to know

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Business-in-HongkongHong Kong is one of the most attractive countries of Asian Continent. The country which reverted to China in 1997, after being under the Britain for quite a long time has a booming opportunity for the people who are interested in settling down and starting up a business here.

Settling in any new country leaving your heritage behind gives a shot of sentiment to anyone. For people around the world, Hong Kong provides a safe and comfortable process of settlement.

After you arrive in Hong Kong, you will have to register with the Immigration Department for Hong Kong identity card as a foreign entrepreneur which represents you as a Hong Kong resident. When you first settle in Hong Kong, you can avail an apartment or rent it as well. Hong Kong’s simple tax structure with low tax rates are well renowned among everyone who settles in Hong Kong. Health Clinics become much easier to avail when you have settled in Hong Kong.

After you have settled completely in the country, you need to look up on all the options for starting up your business and make investments. With you owning the work permit as an owner of your business, you are banded with the salary taxes from 2% – 17% only. There are points which are to be remembered when you are starting up your own business in Hong Kong:

  • You should have no criminal records or security objections.
  • Your educational background should be excellent. It is preferable to have at least a first class degree.
  • If you have the ability to make a substantial contribution to the economy of Hong Kong substantially.
  • You must have a local sponsor who could be a company or an individual.

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