An Ode to the Arid Love of America : Nevada

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An-Ode-to-the-Arid-Love-of-America-NevadaNow you must be thinking why am I giving an ode to a dry desert place of America? Well, my dear readers, today I will be taking you all down the road of Nevada. Nevada is America’s ‘Battle born’ State. Why? Because it was titled as a state, during the infamous Civil War of USA, so it has a history in its sandy breeze.

The first Europeans who came to this area who were Spanish, named it as Nevada (which means snow in Spanish) as to depict the Snowy Mountains in winter. The coolest thing about Nevada is its Liberation Laws. It is legal to gamble, its capital Carson City is an independent place. Laws on marriage and Divorce are so lenient that it attracts people from the entire world to come and visit this place. Till date Nevada’s Tourism Industry is the biggest employer.

The state has both man-made and natural attractions to boast about. The main attractions are gambling and entertainments.

Now, we do have a list of places which are a must visit but here are the top five places to visit when you are in Nevada:

  1. The Las- Vegas Strip:

It is purely entertainment and it has something for everyone. Millions of people visit every year to this area of 4.2 miles. It consists of casinos for gambling, entertainment facilities with rides and shopping, live music, theatres, restaurants and what not. It has something for sports lovers also, golf courses. 25 of the city’s hotels are located in the strip. The highlight of this city is the flamboyant night life and free tram rides, all day long.

  1. National Automobile Museum:

People who love car will never miss it for the world but who do not, are still in awe when they see the Automobile Museum. It was established in 1989 and has every automobile which was invented since 19th century and until the ones of modern day.

  1. Hoover Dam:

About Hoover dam everybody knows and has heard of, but people need to realize a bit more about it. The Dam extends about 726 feet high and 1,244 feet wide at the top. At the base, the dam is about 660 feet thick. More than 22,000 people worked to make the dam. It took five years (approx) to complete.

  1. Grand canyon :

Who doesn’t know of the great Grand Canyon? The major attraction of Nevada is this monstrous natural piece. The Colorado River made this great structure and it still flows at the bottom of it. The Canyon is approximately 277 miles long and the scenery changes constantly along its length and breadth. The area has more than 1500 unique plants, fungi, and moss that are found only in the Canyon area, the flora and fauna changes with every inch of its length.

  1. Lake Tahoe:

This the sparkling crown for Nevada. It is the largest Alpine lake and the second deepest lake of USA. During the summer water sports are at peak and people fly in from everywhere to have the best time of their lives.

This should make you feel to go and see the place at least once. The place is a true treat for the eyes. If you are wondering how, then click on the link and get all your Travel  Visa formalities done.

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