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Norway Tourist VisaHolidays are special for several reasons and every individual can get ever lasting memories of those exclusive moments that he or she spend with their loved ones in an amazing destined destination. Ones spare time is very valuable, so while preferring a ski destination individual should makes sure that they chose a right one, which has overwhelming attractions, comfortable flights, quality accommodation, a swift and simple journey to resort—particularly while travelling with family,  fine food and plenty of amazing experiences. In such conditions, the best suggested destination will be none other than Norway. The country is chic and boasts of its natural wealth. With its dazzling snows capes, translucent waters, superb castles and gourmet cuisine, the Norway baits tons of visitors from all over the world. Visiting Norway is a simple process; however individuals must apply for Norway Tourist Visa, which doesn’t take more time for approval.

Best Attractions to visit in Norway

Norway is a place of breathtaking beauty. Its excellent mountains, lakes and fjords will take ones breath away. The country has niches one amongst the top tourist destinations across the world. Some of the must see Norway attractions are listed below for individual’s reference.

  • Geirangerfjord

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Norway are probably it fjords. Amid all the most gorgeous fjords, the best one is Geirangerfjord, situated in southwestern Norway near the coastal town of Ålesund is really amazing.

  • Bryggen

Visitors who get “museumed” out may take pleasure in a visiting to the Bryggen waterfront, a relaxed museum that doesn’t appear like a museum. The scene is so picturesque, and attracts a number of foreigners.

  • Heddal Stave Church

The Heddal Stave Church is the biggest stave church in Norway’s, with triple naves that place proudly against the sky.

  • Viking Ship Museum

Viking Ship Museum is the one of the striking museums in the Norway, which displays tools, textiles and household items and items found in Viking tombs.

  • Jostedalsbreen Glacier

Jostedalsbreen Glacier is much safer place, as well as just as pretty one, to take one of the walking tours around the park.

These awe-inspiring attractions tempt overseas nationals to visit Norway. However, to visit Norway they must hold a Norway visit visa.

How to apply visit visa to Norway

On 25 March 2001, Norway became a part of the Schengen co-operation. From then, individuals who would like to travel Norway can apply for Norway visit visa or Schengen visa, which is a short-term visa that enables overseas nationals to enter and reside in the country for a period up to 90 days. Prior to applying for a Norway visit visa, individuals must know the basic information about Norway visit visa. This visa can’t be extended, but in the exceptional situations the visa can be extended.

Norway visit visa requirements        

In order to acquire the Norway visit visa successfully, individuals need to abide the following requirements:

  • Valid passport
  • Adequate funds
  • Return tickets
  • Willing to leave Norway after 90 days
  • No criminal records
  • Health insurance
  • Parent’s consent in case of minors

Successfully selected applicants can travel to Norway and other Schengen nations for a certain period of time.

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