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Immigrants create jobs for US workers and Boost US the US employment Rate

Immigrants in USA

Immigrants bring several skills to the US labor market, and their efforts benefit not only the immigrants but also local workers.  Research shows that local workers also get the advantage when immigrant workers are present. The National Foundation for American Policy in its new report adds to this research. It finds that immigrants do not create a negative effect on the unemployment rate or in the participation rate of labor force of local Americans. Moreover, when more immigrants are present in the labor force, it leads to a small increase in participation rate of the native labor force. Also the presence of more immigrant workers leads to a marginal decline in the unemployment rate of the locals. The study also says that less-educated local workers do not get harmed by immigration. The participation rate of labor force of more-educated local workers increases with the increase in immigration. Statistical facts Such results sometimes do not get a consideration when the there are structural changes in the US economy. They are caused by several factors immigration is only one of them. Some trends are analyzed in a vacuum, thinking that immigration is the only variable relevant in impacting intricate economic phenomena. NFAP has presented additional reasons while quantifying the benefits of immigration on natives. It says that the results of immigration are positive for many categories of American workers. Furthermore Immigrants are not in direct competition with US natives for jobs as they work in different sectors and live in different parts of the country. They perform different variety of tasks. An example is that natives speak English as a native language and get the jobs that are communications-intensive.  The immigrants are not good in English and work in such jobs which need physical strength or exertion.

The Impact of Immigrants in US

The impact of immigrants on the US economy and local workers is not alone in the field of employment and wages. Immigrants pay a great deal of federal, state and local taxes each year. Their households in the United States contribute billions of dollars to the national economy. Their households wield in collectively spend nearly a trillion dollars in after-tax income. Millions of immigrant business owners correspond to one-in-five of self-employed persons in US. They also generate billions of dollars in business income annually. Finally we can conclude that as a group, immigrants do not consume jobs but help to generate them in a big way. To get more details related to Canada fill out a Free Evaluation Form or contact us at [email protected] or call us 7207111222. One of our experts will meet your expectations and provide answers to queries.

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