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UK Tourism might ease the visa rules

Due to strict visa application rules to migrate to, or Visit UK, UK's major tourism body reveals that the country is losing billions of pounds in tourism revenue, Pertaining to ease in visa rules might generate additional 2.8bn (currency missing). International tourism is considered to be third largest foreign income generator after chemicals and financial services in Britain, the UK bodies confirmed. Every year the foreign tourism, brings about (currency missing)  to UK economy but tougher visa rules loose huge number of migrants to choose other countries to navigate. Majority of these foreign tourist travels from India and China. However, the foreign tourist found it  too difficult to apply under this expensive and intrusive visa system. Apart from the complicated visa rules, the prospective applicants need to provide appropriate answers on their income, expenditure, stance on terrorism and even give fingerprints. According to the survey, European countries like France welcome eight times more visitors than UK, while Germany receives six times more visitors. This is because these countries have easier immigration rules and offer a single visa called Schengen Visa to migrants to make multiple visit within the Schengen agreement. Schengen countries that come under the agreement include Austria, Denmark, Belgium, France, Finland, Germany and Greece. Considering the existing loss, Prime Minister David Cameron urged UK tourism bodies to draw more visitors to Britain as well promises to improve the visa rules to increase the number of foreign applications. Wish to migrate to UK. Here’s a wonderful opportunity to the migrants. Take Opulentus help to check the eligibility and start your UK processing NOW!!!

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