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What is the Eligibility Criterion for the Italy Tourist Visa ?

Italy-Visitor-VisaItaly Tourist Visa - Italy does have numerous beautiful and historic cities; it also has good restaurants, shopping malls and nightlife. The best way to travel Italian cities is through the train, as driving and parking is quite difficult. The Italy Schengen Visa does entitle the visa holder to visit the Schengen nations for the purpose of tourism, for visiting family or the friends or for non-business related purpose for nearing to 90 days within a 180 period from the date of the first entry. Foreigner to Visit and Stay in Italy either continuous or for a several visit that again depends upon whether the visa is single or multiple entry. The individuals are required to apply for the Italy Visitor Visa in advance, when they plan to travel  to Italy and they must keep their copies of varied documents as well as forms. The Schengen short stay visas are not limited for the purpose of tourism. This particular visa is also applicable for medical treatment or business travel or family visit. Eligibility Criteria for Italy Tourist VisaItaly-Tourist-Visa The individuals are required to fulfill the conditions to meet the eligibility criteria to get Italy tourist visa •    The individual are required to valid passport with validity for minimum 3 months beyond the expiry date of your short stay visa. •    The individuals’ passport should have been issued less than 10 years earlier •    The individuals’ passport should consist minimum two blank pages for the visa and the entry as well as exit stamps for Italy. •    The individuals should posses enough financial resources to pay for the expenses during their stay in Italy •    The individuals must possess overseas medical insurance having minimum coverage of Euro 30,000 •    The individual should intend to leave to Italy and Schengen area when their visa does expire •    They would required to provide detailed information about their travel itinerary and it includes flight booking such as dates, time of travel and flight numbers. The individuals are required to mention other nation that they intend to visit during their trip. •    The individual  must intend to visit the Schengen area purely for the purpose stated by them in their visa application •    The individuals are required to provide accommodation such as confirmed hotel booking or letter of invitation from the sponsor in Italy.  For more information Italy Tourist Visa, please fill out Free assessment form.  One of our consultants will get back to you. For more updates follow us on Facebook , Twitter , Google+ 

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