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Irish Businesses want innovative approach to identifying Skill Shortages

Irish Immigration policies The Irish Immigration policies are proved to be the best in the Europe continent. Despite the practical policies of the Ireland economy, the skills shortage in the industries is growing at a rapid pace. The small scale industries of the nation are not able to attract the highly qualified professionals due to the limitations of the immigration policies.

The work permit scheme of the Ireland is the popular visa program of the Ireland. The 30 000 Euros is the salary threshold set for the individuals who want to enter the Ireland with the valid work permit scheme. The small scale industries want the system to change in case if required the salary cap has to be reduced to welcome the number of skilled professionals.

Ireland needs a responsive system that can fulfill the needs of the labor market. Ireland needs a comprehensive system that responds to the skills shortage of its industries.

Small scale industries of the Ireland are not happy with current legislation, they are demanding for the immigration friendly approach as they are the largest contributors to the economy.

The growing interest in the Ireland from the non-European Union countries is due to the anti-immigrant policies in the United Kingdom. The UK has introduced various reforms to contain the skilled professionals. However, the quality migrants are looking for new lands and the Ireland growing small scale businesses want number of immigrants who can work in their firms.

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