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Canada-Immigration-SystemSince the 21st century, Canada has been a hot destination for Indian immigration. This is mainly because there are vast uninhabited areas besides potential for better career and a stable future. Canada is one of the few countries that is not reeling under this crisis post the global meltdown. It needs a consistent flow of migrant workers for filling its labor pool deficiencies.

People can migrate to Canada as a Federal trained proficient migrant as FSWP or under the Provincial sponsorship scheme, as PNPs. The popular way for Indians to settle in Canada is under the federal skilled migration regime. There are many benefits of this program as it allows migrants to travel and work at any place in Canada. Do note that presently this program is undergoing in order to make it in accordance with the needs of the Canadian economy. The effort by the Canadian government is to shift to skilled migration that is more need based. This is being done to curtail inflow of migrants in those professions which already have a sizeable amount of local work force in Canada.

This means that you must focus on National occupational classification or NOC when you plan to migrate to Canada. Besides, the federal migration system is focusing on encouraging younger emigrants so that they can be a part of the labor pool for a much longer period.

Language ability is considered an important element when you plan to settle in Canada as this will allow migrants and their spouses to adapt easily in the local social and economic setup effectively!

Do note that overseas employment experience in any of the nominated trades is not considered favorable for being considered to be hired initially.

While doing evaluation of a migrant, all bearings of changes are considered. The overseas academic credentials will be evaluated by a specified assessment agency. The candidates having positive or rather, neutral verification advice will be able to settle in Canada by filing for permanent residence.

Provincial sponsorship is another way to migrate to Canada. Different states run their own independent sponsorship programs. This is done in coordination with citizenship and immigration Canada. States can sponsor people as per their own independent and local aspirations. These do not have to rely on the federal immigration structure. But linguistic capability and other skills always play a major role in making things easier for you!

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