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Oversees applicants planning to migrate to countries like US, Canada and UK may face difficult situations in the outlook.  Sinking growth rates and political uproar of these countries can have negative impact on the jobs of oversees workers. Arrival of new financial disaster in the world’s economy will lead to generation of tougher Immigration procedure for the future aspirants. Here’s an analysis as to what impact will the current situation in global markets have on the aspiring immigrants. Future Scenario in Canada In the past, Canada was successful in attracting oversees migrants by creating many high paid job opportunities. As the country depends on US economy, number of these high paid jobs has dropped down. In recent years the US economy is not found to be stable and its impact is seen on Canada as it is the bordering country of US.  Most of the Canadian countries are feeling the pinch of rising salaries. Future Scenario in US In recent years, US have initiated difficult visa policies. This has increased the difficulties of future US immigrants because these policies are creating intricacies in obtaining US citizenship. These conditions seem to have no scope of improvement in the upcoming years. The competition for high salaried jobs will increase in future because most of the US companies are planning to set up their base in countries like India. Future Scenario in UK UK is disturbed with the current political fluctuations and racial riots. The country by now is under pressure to remake its spoiled image back to a preferred destiny for oversees applicants. Recently UK has commenced some unbendable migration policies which have reduced UK’s competitiveness in the global market. Under these rules UK is forced to welcome jobless youngsters from EU countries and this has cut down the immigration of skilled migrants to UK.

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