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Students forced to look at alternatives due to hike in UK universities’ fees!

The increased fee structures at UK universities are compelling overseas students to choose other edifying organizations charging normal fees. UK universities have become the 3rd pricey universities after US and Korea universities. Based on the statistics report, the Organization for Co-operation and Development (OECD) discovered that by next year the fees of UK universities will reach £9,000; which is one of the highest. According to the analysis report of OECD, the fees of UK universities have reached its heights compared to last 2 years which was just £ 3,100 per year for a university course in the country. On comparing the fee structure of 34 countries; including the Universities of Indonesia, Brazil, China, the Russian Federation, India, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and many other, it was found that the UK ranks in top 3 expensive universities in the world. Due to the hike in fees, UK universities may outshine the universities of Japan, Australia and also the European universities in France, Sweden & Netherlands. According to the evaluation of OECD, hike in US education system had resulted in standstill position of many students applying for study in US universities. Same behavior by overseas students is expected regarding the hike in UK universities. Research by OECD also states that condition of the students in UK universities is not up to the mark as compared to the universities of other developed nations. Due to the current situations of the UK Universities, it is predicted that students have to count upon other countries like Australia, Canada, and Japan where the Universities fee structure is nominal or else to the other European Countries like France, Netherlands, and Sweden where the Universities fee is almost nothing.

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