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New rules on overseas students incurs loss to universities UK

UK plans to introduce immigration cut by 2015, these rules can be awful for many overseas students. Universities of UK which represents over 134 higher education institutions is urging the government to rethink of it since they were warned by the government, these changes will put universities of UK into loss of billion pounds. New rules were proclaimed in a meeting of conventional election that alters entire UK visa process. According to the rules the following changes will be brought in UK visa:

  • Migration cut range will be “tens of thousands” by 2015 which will deter the number of overseas students who want pursue their degrees from UK universities.
  • Studying period and working hours will be restricted to certain time.
  • Students will not be allowed to bring their children or spouses to the country with them unless they are registered for post graduation course which is of 1 year.
The changes will directly create loss to universities since they are financially depended on overseas students. Fees of overseas students is typically 4 times to native students in UK. Changes to UK visa in turn effects the universities financially. A report claimed that due to stringent UK visa process, 40% of non Europe applicants were already dropped. Vice-Chancellor of Aston University, Professor Julia King alleged that 39% fall in Indian applications have been noticed in this year compared to last. Critics said that, these changes in UK may announce “no entry for international students” to the world in future.

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