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Jobless US workers searching for Canadian Jobs

The impact of the recession has created worst economy & joblessness in the US and has lead Americans to ask Canada for jobs. Redundancy rate in July for the US was 9.1% compared to that of Canada which was 7.3%.

Since 2008 (beginning of the global recession), US temporary work visas for Canada doubled from the total Canadian immigrations. The Ministry received 4,109 applications in 2010 compared to 2,115 in 2008.

Barrack Obama, US President, has advised Congress to immediately pass a bill of $447 billion jobs to stabilize the poor labor market.

"This is a bill that will put people back to work all across the country. This is a bill that will help our economy in a moment of national crisis; this is a bill that Congress needs to pass. No games. No politics. No delays," Said Obama.

US Census Bureau reported American poverty line rose to a record of 46 million last year, with national poverty rate amounting to 1.51% for the 3rd successive year in 2010.

Filipinos stand 1st, and the US stands 2nd for large temporary workers group in Canada. There were 32,615 Americans with permanent residence status in Canada by December 2010.

Janette Luu, a Toronto-Based TV reporter from Fort Wayne who is residing in Canada since 5 years said, "I came up to Toronto for a visit and sent resume tapes and emailed TV stations and they were receptive, which was impressive because Toronto is pretty big city and when you said I'm an American journalist, they seemed interested or wanted to meet,"

Her job search in Canada was not simply because before recruiting an overseas talent, companies have to prove that they could not find Canadian skills for the job. Though she lived in Canada for 5 years many of the employers did not consider her Canadian.

Luu said, "I may pronounce 'process' as 'process' sometimes, but otherwise, how would viewers know I'm American? Toronto is so diverse and most people are from somewhere else, to begin with."

Under NAFTA, there are some jobs for engineers and accountants, who are excused from going through a Labor Market Opinion. It’s a condition for overseas employees for getting recruited in Canada. Such applicants can directly apply for a work permit at the border. And applicants who do not fall under NAFTA face difficulties in getting the work permit as they do not have an offer of employment.

Luu’s US friends, who planned for coming to Toronto for work said, they adore the city but official procedure was too intricate which burdens the employer.

Both US & Canada target at protection of their workforce, but a due shortage of skills and ageing population there will be a need for overseas employees in Canada.

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