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Canadian employers to get incentives on hiring immigrants

Premier Dalton McGuinty has offered a plan under which $10,000 tax credit will be granted to Ontario Companies hiring new immigrants. This proposal will support immigrant’s employment in Canada by offering 30% break on college and tuition fees. Undergraduate tuition grant will be permitted to the family members of those immigrants whose collective annual income does not exceed $160,000.  With this grant, university and college students can save $1,600 and $730 of their fees. Canada employers will be offered business tax credit if they recruit immigrants who can stay in Canada for minimum 5 years. Natives of Canada need not worry as this proposal will not affect their jobs, adds Premier McGuinty. McGuinty said major purpose of this proposal is to assist the immigrants in Canada with preferred jobs. Qualified and highly skilled immigrants will get chance to obtain one year training on any business or work of their choice. This plan was proposed when Canada realized the grievances of immigrants on not receiving any job offers in Ontario. It will cost Canada nearly $12 million per annum to bring this plan into action, added McGuinty.  In later years, job opportunities will be greatly increased in Canada making Ontario a hub for immigrants.

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