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85% UK jobs occupied by Natives!

Jonathan Portes, Director of the National Institute of Economic and Research said “90% UK jobs caught by immigrant” this news which was revealed few days back is not true. Only 15% of the UK jobs were given to immigrants last year. Remaining 85% jobs were claimed by UK citizens. Thus, theory which says UK companies recruiting only immigrants for new jobs is nothing but a saga. This ONS [Office for National Statistics] information was exposed by Fraser Nelson, editor of The Spectator. Here, “new jobs” meant number of employees on jobs and not total number of jobs. And this might have confused the statistics which revealed immigrants occupied new jobs in UK. Not understanding the concept of “new jobs” generated this problem. A new report contradicting the earlier news said, new jobs only mean number of employees on jobs and it is unjust to say that immigrants are taking away new jobs in UK. Though foreign employees might have moved native UK employees to improved economic conditions, but remark by Fraser that British workers did not get any advantage during good economic times is entirely fictitious. The only truth here is most of the new jobs are claimed by UK workers and immigration is not harmful for the UK workers in any case.

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