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As knowledge on immigration is increasing and individuals are also showing interest on immigration practices, this review on  top ten cities to live and work in across the globe will surely benefit an applicant during their decision to immigrate. These cities are sorted by through evaluating the careers, education, healthcare, crime rate, property ladder, economic strength, and cost of living of these cities. Hence the listed cities, (from top to bottom) of various countries are the prioritized sights for the immigrants, choosing an immigration process.

 Toronto, Canada:

It is the city that has been rated as most liveable place as per a recent study. It has been showing a growth rate of 6% every year since 2006. According to the census, half of the population of Toronto is typically born outside the Canada, which suggests that it is the place that is being under focus by most of the immigrants for various purposes. It is also interesting to note that over 30% of the residents in Toronto speak languages other than English and French. It has been rated as world’s 7th largest stock exchange center and is coming up as a new destination for the film industry.

Ottowa, Canada:

It provides a similar experience to the immigrants like Toronto. The additional traits that can be attributed to this city are gracious outdoor life style, well designed infrastructure, large open spaces which are full of greenery, pure waterfalls, more scope for investment and low cost of living compared with other cities in Canada. It is the place where one can see large rate of immigrants. It is coming up as a corporate hub too.

Sydney, Australia:

It ratios one quarter of the Australia’s total GDP. Average annual income of residents irrespective of their nationality is more than $55,000, and one fifth of its workforce earns more than $2,000 per week. These statistics indicate the opportunities available in Sydney and its hospitality towards the foreign immigrants. All these traits add up for its prosperity in the global market.

Wellington New Zealand:

It occupies fourth place in the world’s top places to immigrate. In the entire New Zealand country, Wellington inhabits most literate individuals.  The per-capita income in Wellington is more than that of New Zealand average. It reveals that it is one of the prominent destinations for individuals willing to relocate in order to prosper in career.

Copenhagen, Northern Europe:

The highlights of this city are secured income, high quality infrastructure, excellent medical and other services, renowned tourist places, and balanced economic structure.

Bern, Switzerland:

It offers a wide range of facilities similar to other Swiss cities and occupies a unique position in the global market. It provides excellent infrastructure, clean environment, medical facilities, high salaries to the workforce and has excellent transport links, in and around the city.

Zurich, Switzerland:

It offers world class facilities to its citizens and to the new immigrants. Most of the immigrants can easily adjust to this environment, because maximum ratio of Swiss people speak English in addition to the local language, that benefits the new immigrants.

Amsterdam Netherlands:

It is the most happy and party city in Netherlands. It sustains world’s oldest stock exchange and also various historic canals, buildings, and infrastructure that attracts most number of tourists every year. It is the city that is highly generous n welcoming the new immigrants and employs various life styles.

Vancouver Canada:

It is famous for its beauty because of more coastal region and darling for most of the immigrant families because of its pleasant atmosphere, pleasing hospitality, diversified culture and friendly environment.  It offers a wide range of educational and business opportunities for immigrants to settle in their career path.


It is one of the best places to immigrate, because it provides ease in visa immigration rules to the applicants, and renders wide range of educational and job opportunities for individuals.

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