Five Great Nations with Easy Immigration Policies

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In order to have the ease of immigration, a thorough research about the country’s immigration policies is essential. Here is a list of some countries which have an easy and convenient process to settle.


Canada is the most favored destination these days and is on top of the list of expatriate-friendly countries in the world. It has well-mannered people and is high on the satisfaction index and is an ideal country to live in. Its scenic beauty and wonderful views are captivating and the climate is also good. Canada boasts of some of the most brilliant academic centers and has some top universities in all spheres. It has low population density making it a great place to settle.



Australia is a nation of immigrants as it has a smooth system of immigration. With finest beaches and great open areas of scenic beauty, besides being an abode of koalas and kangaroos, it holds a great attraction making it a wonderful place to settle. A major part of the population comprises descendants of immigrants. The rules for permanent residency are convenient and people find the place worthy of settlement.



Singapore has a low unemployment rate. It is unique in the sense that it is an island, a city, as well as a state. It has easy citizenship rules and the immigration laws have been framed on liberal principles. The country presents promising possibilities where the people find help and support in great measures. It is a heaven for shoppers and there are many scenic attractions. A vibrant lifestyle, lovable locales, political stability and convenient immigration procedures make it a great place to settle.


The United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates has a very strong petroleum based economy owing to the rich oil reserves. It is famous for not charging any personal tax and is low in corruption. There are several private schools, upcoming universities, and a solid healthcare system, which offers a great lifestyle and improves the standard of living of the people. The immigration policies are flexible and it is home to several nationalities of the world. It has been very popular with immigrants for a long time now. There are many theme based malls here and it is known for its shopping festivals and amenities.



Brazil is stable and has an economy which is top performing to make it a great nation. The employment and literacy rates are impressive. The process of immigration is easy. It is warm towards expatriates of many cultures in the world. There are many foreign students who arrive here every year and it is a hugely popular destination to meet the expectations of the foreign students. Besides, there are several places of scenic attractions and there is a free spirit among the people.


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