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Why Immigration is important for developed countries?

The growth requires specialized skills many developed nations are consistently focusing on the immigrants who are highly talented. The growing economy requires robust skills and the new infrastructure to manage the development of any sector. All the developed countries may not possess the requisite skills that can drive the economy.

Australia, Canada, the United States, European countries and the other countries have taken the different route of the development. Immigration plan is the development agenda; many countries have introduced new immigration plans to attract the skilled professionals. Many countries have introduced the immigration as their annual plan to attract the highly qualified immigrants.

Canada Immigration has planned to welcome 300 000 immigrants in 2016, that includes refugees, skilled professionals and students. The United States also welcomes huge number of immigrants. Only the skilled visas of the United States H1B visas attract 65000 skilled professionals. When it comes to the Europe they have common European Union Blue Card initiative to welcome the highly qualified professionals.

South Africa is even attracting the people with the critical skills; the growing industries have to import the talent from the highly talented professionals. Immigration is imperative; it has taken new form none can contain immigration, despite the anti-immigrant rhetoric in the United States, the H1B visas in the United States overwhelming response with over 230 000 applications for the 65000 visas.

All the countries have taken different routes for welcoming immigration. It is the intent of the developed countries that qualified people come to the countries that can be the stimulus to the growth.

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