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European Union working on a Legislation to make it easier for Indian students

Visit EuropeThe European Union (EU) is bringing about a Legislation that will make it easier for Indian researchers and students to visit Europe. Head and ambassador of EU delegation in India, H. E. Joao Cravinho said that they are working on a legislation that will be Europe-wide to help EU welcome researchers and students from India. He also said that within the next few years, they are going to see a much better and easier access for bona fide researchers and students in EU. Cravinho said in the sidelines of the conference ‘India-EU Migration and Mobility: Prospects and Challenges’ that EU is interested in students from India and creating platform links via their university contacts. He insisted that they are interested in the skills that Europe needs. Cravinho said that while India’s population is booming, Europe’s is declining, underlining that EU and India have gigantic potential to have binding ties in this field. The head of the EU delegation said that India’s skill development program is extremely ambitious and our growth depends on finding proper labor. He stated that, this is the reason they are interested in working together to develop a common approach that can benefit both countries. Both India and Europe, he said, have wonderful compatibility in understanding between the people and cultural terms which will help in terms of migration, interaction and mobility between Indians and Europeans. Cravinho also said that ease in visa norms will all be a part of the package. He said that it is a wide-ranging package as this is a dynamic area in which there are going to be changes in the coming years. He insisted that International governance of migration is critical for both India and EU and they wish to work closely together. At the academic level, Cravinho said that, the Erasmis Mundus programme, whose aim is to enhance the higher education quality through scholarships between India, Europe and other countries since 2004, has aided around 1,400 Indian students, apart from the grants received by 700 researchers through the Marie Curie Fellowship scheme. He said that presently, EU and India are negotiating a CAMM (Common Agenda on Migration and Mobility) whose aim is to reach common commitments and targets. He also said that India is EU's priority for renewing global approach to mobility and migration because it is one of the world’s most prominent migrant corridors and is leading the top countries who send migrants. Follow US for more Immigration News Updates

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