Immigrate to France with these different types of work permit

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immigrate-to-france-1France is the imaginary world created by human beings, the city of love (Paris), the sky-kissing – Eiffel tower, the great architectural prowess of those French is incredible. Whoever visits will fall in love with the Europe’s largest country, so why don’t you try to settle in France when this beautiful country is offering six categories of visa permit.

There are 6 categories of  work permit to France. All require a pre-existing job offer from a French company:

The Skills and Talents Permit – Allows qualified individuals who make valuable contribution to France’s economy; with the scientific, intellectual, artistic and sports.

The Salaried and Temporary Worker Permit – Qualified professionals employed by the French firm on long term and short term basis. Further divided into two sub-categories:

  • TheSalaried sub-category – For qualified individuals with an employment contract of more than 12 months.
  • TheTemporary Worker sub-category – For professionals with work contract of less than 12 months.

The Employee on Assignment Permit – This category allows multi-national companies to transfer employees to their businesses in France.

The Employee on Assignment Card – Employees of higher designation such as Manager and senior positions can live in France, if their salary is at least EUR 5500 per month.

The Seasonal Worker Permit – French companies can recruit foreign nationals for six months in a year.

The Scientific Permit – Master’s degree holders can enter France with this permit to do academic and research work.

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