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Who is Eligible to live in Iceland Without Residency Permit?

Iceland-Visit-VisaAmong the top 5 places to live in this world, Iceland has been voted as one of the best places to live in.  Few of them, who had an opportunity to Visit Iceland, wished to apply for a residency permit to extend their stay.

This beautiful nation also offers high quality of life.  People when they Travel to Iceland, they tend to fall in love with this country, hence prefer to extend their stay.

Few General Rules

Those individuals belonging to a foreign origin and wish to apply for residency permit should be of minimum 18 years. And usually, foreign citizens who are younger than 18 years are only granted residence permit that is linked to their parents or guardian’s residence permit.

Who do not Need Residency Permit 

Few people can live in Iceland without the residency permit if they have met certain criteria.

  • They should be citizens belonging to the Nordic nation ( this does cover countries such as Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden).
  • They should be born to citizen of Iceland and should have lived in Iceland for above one year
  • A Foreign citizen should have lived in Iceland for above two years or more and has a parent who has held citizenship of Iceland for more than five years.
  • Foreign citizen married or having a civil partnership with a citizen of Iceland. The couple should have lived jointly in Iceland for at least three consecutive years since their date of marriage
  • A Foreign resident who is living with registered, common law spouse who is a citizen of Iceland. The foreign citizen should have resided in Iceland for 5 years since cohabitation date was registered. 

How can EEA citizens apply for residency in Iceland?

If the individual is a citizen of EEA nation and they wish to stay in Iceland for above three months, then they should apply for residency permit even though these individuals can stay for a period up to six months without application, if they seek employment actively.

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