How much time will it take to process Canadian immigration?

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A common question asked by a possible Canadian immigrant pertains to the duration of the time taken to process the immigration application.

Here is the required information needed about the time required for immigration processing.


Applicants for visas or permits to Canada are required to consider the average processing time while calculating the necessary duration knowing about their application.


Canadian immigration, says that the processing time is the duration it takes authorities with IRCC to process an application, from the day of its receipt it to the day a decision made about it.

The processing time is exclusive of the time needed to submit an Expression of Interest, and receive an ITA, or to prepare the set of documents, or again to apply, besides for the mailing of final visas, permits, and status cards.


These factors affect the processing time of an application:

  • Country of residence:  IRCC processing times varies based on the state of residence of the person. Before Dec 2015, processing time needed for different services displayed as per the visa office. The applications for visas and permits were subject to processing in the nearest visa office.  Now the applications move around the worldwide network of visa offices for making efficient processing, so that the application is not processed at the closest visa office, but is instead made at the office ideally suited to handle the request efficiently.
  • Type of application: Processing times for various types of visas and permits is different. The kind of application, the number of candidates presently processed in the category; affect the time needed for processing. If there are more applications than expected for a program the time taken to prepare is longer.
  • Completeness: when an application is submitted incomplete, IRCC refuses the applicant or requests for more information which causes a significant delay in processing.



Please find favorite streams and estimated processing time. It must be remembered, that processing time is not guaranteed, but is a mere estimate. The listed times are based on average processing times required by IRCC as of January 4th, 2018.

The processing time also depends on the mode of the application submitted. It is electronic through the online procedure, or a hard copy based through the paper procedure. Processing times here specify if they are different between online versus paper-based applications.


In 80% instances, an application which is submitted through Express Entry is processed within six months from the date of its receipt. 


The processing time taken is 4-6 weeks, but the applicants of some countries can expect a time close to 20 weeks also.


This is a visa under the work permit extension category. Application processing time for obtaining post-graduation work permits varies depending on the method used for applying.If an application is submitted online, it needs to process within 50 days. The paper-based application takes around 105 days.

PR Card

A new permanent resident PR Card takes 61 days to process. However, renewing or replacing an old PR card takes can take 71 days to process.


Applications on an average take 12 months for processing. It may vary depending on if the spouse resides inside or outside Canada, but mostly all applications for spousal sponsorship despatched within 12 months.


When applied from within Canada, all online applications processed within 14 days and all paper-based applications take 19 days. Applications from out of Canada vary based on the country of residence of the applicant.

All the times mentioned above are not guaranteed and can change without any notice, and IRCC has discretion in these matters.

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