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Why employers look at Hong Kong for better career?

Hot spot for employment in the East: Hong Kong
It’ is highly understandable why Hong Kong consistently attracts large number of foreign immigrants to come, work and stay in Hong Kong the country. Hong Kong offers promising future for skilled personnel with right combination of relevant experience and educational qualifications. Employment Opportunities in HKThe most relieving thing about Hong Kong is, there’s no limit in count imposed on number of foreign immigrants flowing into Hong Kong per annum to constrict the demographics. Infinite number of immigrants can come in, get work, stay and make a living in Hong Kong. However, there are certain kinds of visas to be allotted to immigrants with certain scenarios. People who go to Hong Kong as students, upon completion of education can prolong their stay in Hong Kong. In other case, they can go back to their nations, come back again in search of work. This falls under the category of Immigration Arrangements for Non – local Graduates (IANG). An immigrant with external qualification but with an intention to work in Hong Kong falls under another category which is called General Employment Policy, in short GEP. Jobs in Hong Kong are numerous in number and supply is always shy of demand. That creates a pleasant inadequacy and that’s why Hong Kong never says a no to one more enthused immigrant to step in, in the name of employment. However, if a person is studies in Hong Kong itself, the rules for him to apply for visa extension under IANG will be based on his application. Primarily, his application for extension must be sent within six months of his graduation. One more unique thing about Hong Kong unlike other countries is that a person need not necessarily have a job offer on hand to apply for visa extension under IANG. However, if the application gets filed after six months, the production of a valid offer letter from an employer is a must. Coming to General Employment Policy, Hong Kong is very stringent in issuance of such visas to skilled personnel who are foreign as it must conserve the local employment opportunities primarily. One who wishes to apply for a GEP need to have a valid letter of employment and the employment must be in perfect sync with the candidate’s previous work experience and educational qualifications. And also the job opportunity must seek special talent that cannot be filled by local employment seekers to accept the applicant’s candidature. The visa can be extended number of times, and each time of extension, the duration of visa keeps increasing accordingly. With such immigrant – friendly rules of Hong Kong, Work in Hong Kong is a dreamer’s paradise. For more immigration updates, follow us @ Facebook

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