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Succeed In Hong Kong Immigration Points Calculator to Migrate To Hong Kong

Hong Kong Immigration Points CalculatorHave you ever through of Hong Kong Immigration? Seeking Information about immigration to Hong Kong? Then, you are at right place to get all the details or information regarding Hong Kong immigration.  Hong Kong is a wonderful place to live and work. Initially, the country was known as a renowned tourist destination spot. Conversely, it has become an emerging destination for immigrants seeking better career opportunities. Individuals who migrate to Hong Kong will gain supreme career opportunities and experience a high quality of life.

Hong Kong QMAS:

Hong Kong has introduced a special scheme termed as Hong Kong QMAS to work and settle in Hong Kong. This scheme is an entrant quota based scheme to seek and allure overseas nationals to migrate and work in Hong Kong to boost the country’s economy. Immigration to Hong Kong under this scheme is a point’s based scheme. To migrate to Hong Kong under quality migrant admission scheme, applicants must initially fulfil the QMAS requirements and must qualify in the Hong Kong Immigration Points Calculator to proceed for the further visa process.

Eligibility to Migrate to Hong Kong:

Individuals who would like to migrate to Hong Kong through Hong Kong QMAS must meet the certain eligibility criteria and the following requirements.

  • Applicants’ age must be above 18 years
  • Financial sufficiency to survive in Hong Kong
  • Applicants must not hold any sort of criminal records
  • Proficiency in written and spoken Chinese or English languages
  • Applicants must possess good educational background generally first degree from a standard university or a tertiary educational institution.

Hong Kong Immigration Points Calculator:

Migrate to Hong Kong from India or other nations must successfully undergo Hong Kong Immigration Points Calculator. The Department of Hong Kong immigration considers Hong Kong Immigration Points Calculator to assess the individuals’ eligibility to migrate to Hong Kong. Applicants need to score minimum qualification points either in an Achievement Points Based Test or General Points Based Test to migrate to Hong Kong. Minimum points required for General Points Based Test is 80 out of 165, whereas for Achievement-based Points Test 165 or 0 points are awarded. For General Points, Based Test points are awarded based on the personal and professional aspects, and for Achievement Points, Based Test points are awarded on the exceptional talents of the applicants.

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