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Work in Hong Kong through Hong Kong Work permit

Work in Hong Kong through Hong Kong Work permitHong Kong work permit for Indians

Hong Kong is an excellent destination for the skilled workers to live and work in another country. If the skilled worker has the right combination of professional experience and qualifications, the skilled worker may be eligible for a work permit in Hong Kong.  

Hong Kong work permit Benefits

Hong Kong work permit gives the skilled worker many benefits such as

  • It has a provision for gateway of China
  • Unrivalled location
  • World class infrastructure
  • The rule of law
  • Clean government
  • One of the world’s freest economies
  • Free flow of information
  • International lifestyle

These are some of the benefits working in Hong Kong

Apply for Hong Kong Work Permit

There are many types of Hong Kong work visa where the applicant must find out the right visa.

The following are the different kinds of working visa

  • Professional Hong Kong work visa
  • Non – professional Hong Kong work visa
  • Foreign domestic helpers
  • Working holiday scheme

Hong Kong work permit Eligibility

The immigration department will usually examine in different criteria such as

  • Higher level education background
  • Relevant experience
  • Reasonable salary level
  • How the skilled worker is beneficial for the Hong Kong trade and economy
  • How the expatriate can benefit the local workforce
  • That a local or resident worker could not fill the position

Hong Kong work permit Requirements

The skilled worker must meet certain requirements in order obtain Hong Kong work visa

  • Good academics with good technical skills and experience may be an added advantage
  • Proof of demonstrating genuine job offer in a company
  • Valid job offer which is relevant to the worker's qualification and experience
  • Documents regarding income, accommodation, medical and other benefits
  • Proof of overseas residence
  • Police clearance

These are some of the requirements that every skilled worker must have when applying for Hong Kong work permit 

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