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Understanding The Processing Evaluation Of Hong Kong Immigration

Hong Kong ImmigrationHong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China. The country is a superb destination for people who desire to work and reside in abroad. If applicants hold the right mixture of professional experience and qualifications they can be eligible for Hong Kong Immigration. Initially Immigration to Hong Kong is only favored for tourism purpose, but now the country enticing overseas skilled employees to migrate to Hong Kong to seek better employment opportunities. 

What is Hong Kong Immigration?

If individuals planning to settle in Hong Kong permanently they need to know the Hong Kong Immigration process in prior to visa application. People migrate to Hong Kong for education, work, business and so on. Each purpose of Hong Kong Immigration has its own specifications and requirements. For the fruitful Hong Kong Immigration process it is necessary to follow the immigration rules and regulations appropriately.  

Requirement for Hong Kong Immigration:

Overseas nations in order to migrate to Hong Kong lawfully must meet the necessary prerequisites. However, immigrants can migrate to Hong Kong permanently through Hong Kong QMAS scheme. This scheme is an entrant quota based scheme to seek skilled employees to enter and work in Hong Kong in order to boost the country economy. It is point based scheme, where an individual must score minimum points to migrate to Hong Kong. However, to apply for this scheme applicants need to meet the following requirements.

  • Above 18 years of age
  • Sufficient financial requirements
  • No crime records
  • Expert in Chinese and English languages
  • First degree from a recognized university or a tertiary educational institution.

Hong Kong Immigration Processing:

Once, the applicant fulfills the requirements and secures minimum points in QMAS the Hong Kong Immigration process begins. If applicants get through the point based test successfully the visa will proceed to the further process. Points will be awarded based on the personal and professional skills of the applicants. The processing time for Hong Kong Immigration depends on the applicants’ profile.

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