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Hong Kong Immigration from IndiaHong Kong is an incredibly popular destination for overseas aspirants across the world. This happiest nation is surrounded by stunning landscapes, resplendent natural attractions, fine shopping malls, crystal clear beaches, tranquil ambience, trendy restaurants and rocking nightlife and many others. An overseas national willing to start his or her new life in an overseas nation that has vibrant cultures and traditions and umpteen number of career and employment opportunities can immigrate to Hong Kong to fulfil his or her aspirations.

With the rise in demand for more skilled professionals, Hong Kong government has recently put forth a new program called Quality Migrant Admission Scheme, a quota-based system to attract the number of overseas individuals.

Skilled workers who would like to settle in the country permanently by starting a new business or by grabbing the employment opportunity in the country.

Every year, thousands of individuals from across the globe apply for Hong Kong immigration, as the benefits offered by its nation are quite different when compared to other developed nations.

Benefits of immigrating to Hong Kong from India:

  • Hong Kong has dynamic and strong economy that would be helpful for an overseas applicant to easily grab the job and business prospects
  • It has effective banking system
  • We usually come across more Indians in Hong Kong, as this vivacious city across Asia has high-rise buildings, wonderful skyline and stunning natural harbour
  • This peaceful country is well-known for liberal immigration policy that is, applicants from 170 countries and territories are allowed to come and stay in the nation for up to 180 days without holding any visa
  • Offers good lifestyle and high standard of living opportunity
  • One can lead a safe, secure and happy life in this tranquil ambience nation
  • Hong Kong Government is known for being astonishingly truthful and resourceful
  • Hone your language skills
  • An overseas applicant can easily and steadfastly get the Hong Kong residency
  • Can come across diverse cultures and traditions
  • Affordable cost of living
  • Free education for overseas immigrant children till nine years

Planning for Hong Kong immigration from India? Know more about its visa options and upgraded rules and regulations to make your immigration successful and hassle-free.

Basic Hong Kong immigration requirements:

Following are the Hong Kong immigration eligibility criteria that an individual must meet to fulfil his or her dreams at faster pace:

  • Must possess the valid visa of the country
  • Should have enough funds to support themselves financially during their stay
  • Should not have any criminal records
  • Must hold the proofs of character and health requirements
  • An individual relocating through QMAS must score minimum points and should be proficient in the English language
  • Good educational qualification

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