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Opportunities beckon individuals under Hong Kong skilled immigration programs

Hong Kong skilled immigration programsHonk Kong is a beautiful country known for its towering skylines and natural harbour. It has ranked as the third most international financial centre in the world. There are numerous options for an individual to migrate to this nation to live, study or work. Every year it grants around 15,000 Hong Kong employment visas for skilled foreign workers from almost every corner of the world.

One of the famous quality migrant admission schemes of the country gives importance to the highly skilled workers to migrate with Hong Kong skilled migrant visa. If you are planning to work in this highly successful economic country, it may be worth considering Hong Kong skilled immigration programme.

If you possess relevant experience and skills and are ready to work for the economic growth of the country, then you can apply for Hong Kong immigration either through GEP (General Employment Policy program) or GPT (General Points Test).

Hong Kong skilled immigration programs

GEP program: An Individual who possesses the required knowledge, experience and skills along with a valid job offer can apply for skilled immigration of Hong Kong.

•An applicant must be able to show all his qualifications and experience evidence to the concerned authorities

GPT program: It is points based migration program, where an applicant has to meet certain factors for Hong Kong immigration, such as language skills, work experience, academic qualifications and age.

•Individual applying through this scheme need not submit any job offer letter.

Here we have complied few of the scores that an individual must meet for successful immigration:

•Applicants between the ages 40 to 44 years must score 20 points •Candidates between 18 to 39 years should score 30 points •Individuals between 45 to 50 years must score 15 points Hong Kong Skilled Immigration Requirements

•Must have minimum 18 years at the time of filing the application •Must possess sufficient funds to support yourself in the country •Must meet health and character requirements •Language proficiency •Must possess special skills, knowledge and experience required for the job •Must not be under any criminal records •Must be graduated from an HK University

Benefits through Hong Kong skilled immigration:

•can get the Hong Kong permanent residency easily •free education to the children of skilled migrants •tax rate is pretty low compared to other developed nations

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