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Migrate to Hong Kong from IndiaHong Kong is one of the beautiful destinations for Indians seeking to migrate to a foreign country. The land offers a huge number of employment opportunities for people to come to the country to work and reside. Thus, a number of people from India choose to migrate to Hong Kong from India.

Migrate to Hong Kong from India with Hong Kong QMAS Visa:


Indians, willing to immigrate to Hong Kong can avail the Hong Kong QMAS scheme supported by ABP (Achievement based point test) or GPT (General Point Test).

Through Hong Kong QMAS visa, the country encourages highly qualified immigrants to enter the country with suitable jobs or establish a business to make a significant contribution towards the growth of their economy.

Indians aspiring for Hong Kong Immigration under this scheme have to fulfill the following Hong Kong QMAS Visa requirements:

  • Age: Applicant age has to be 18 years old when filing an Hong Kong QMAS Visa application under this scheme
  • Financial requirement: An individual has to be financially self sufficient to support himself or herself as well as his or her dependents during the stay in the country without seeking assistance from the public.
  • Proficiency in language: The applicant has to be proficient in either English or Chinese to obtain a Hong Kong QMAS visa
  • Educational qualification: The applicant is expected to have good educational background, usually a degree of first class from a reputed university. However, in exceptional cases, achievements with proven ability and technical qualification are considered.

Benefits of Hong Kong immigration:


Overseas nationals who migrate to Hong Kong under the Hong Kong QMAS scheme can enjoy the following Hong Kong immigration benefits.

  • Hong Kong has highest per capita income with reasonable cost of living
  • The country is recognized for second  longest life expectancy in the world with high quality of life  
  • The country has low tax rates which entices people to migrate to Hong Kong
  • Victoria Harbor and Giant Buddha are the major tourist attractions of the country
  • Hong Kong adopts the method of selecting candidates without discrimination
  • Hong has thriving democracy 

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