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How Immigration Consultants help Migrating to Hong Kong

Hong-Kong-Immigration-ConsultantsYou need the help of Hong Kong Immigration Consultants so that students, skilled people as well as entrepreneurs can migrate to Hong Kong. Two types of immigration policies are being followed in Hong Kong. They have one for native Chinese and other is applicable to Non-Hong Kong origins. Hong Kong is being considered as the city of future. This is because it has a vertical growth. The country welcomes immigrants from all across the world. This kind of immigration is regulated through QMAS or the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme.

The Immigration Process to HK

Eligibility of applicants for immigration is based on points. It is possible for skilled people to apply for immigration even if they don’t have a confirmed job offer. The Hong Kong Immigration Consultants can help you in all the necessary documentation so that you get your visa approved. There are different kinds of visas being offered for tourists, skilled professionals and for business people. These are namely, the Hong Kong Work visa, Travel Pass, Hong Kong Student visa, Transit visa, Business Visa, the Capital Investment visa and the Hong Kong dependant visa.

More About Business Visa

The Hong Kong Immigration Consultants can help you get a Business Visa if you have no criminal records. In addition you must have good educational background along with technical qualification and required experience. The primary consideration here would be if the applicant has the ability of making some contribution to HKSAR economy.

Getting Student Visa

There are a number of criteria that can help a person to obtain a Hong Kong Student Visa. One of these is to get admission in a private school registered under the Education Ordinance. Or else the applicant can take up studies in a post secondary full time program. Another option is to enroll in registered or professional courses that are under the Non-local Higher and Professional Education Ordinance.

Basically you need to fulfill the criteria in order to apply for these visas. Make sure that you furnish complete and true information. This is because all the information provided by you will be verified. Always attach the correct and proper documents. Besides, you will have to pay the visa fee too. Make sure that you allow for adequate time as all this processing will take some amount of time. Once all your processes are in order, you can get a visa and Travel to Hong Kong.

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