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Hong Kong QMAS points calculatorWhile Hong Kong is a major tourist destination, immigration to this country is becoming even more popular these days, thanks to its sublime climate and outstanding skyscrapers. Hong Kong immigration offers one a host of opportunities like working here to enhance one’s career skills while enjoying the beautiful countryside. To gain entry into Hong Kong, the best way is through Hong Kong QMAS. Here, we provide you with all the latest information about immigration to Hong Kong.

Immigration to Hong Kong

Hong Kong has established itself as a leading immigration destination over the years, bringing more and more people under its fold. To migrate to Hong Kong, you need to fulfil certain criteria. You should apply for the Hong Kong immigration points calculator as soon as you decide to immigrate to this country.

Hong Kong Immigration Points Calculator

There are various categories under which you need to score points. These are given below:-

  • Age- A maximum of 30 points can be earned under this heading
  • Qualifications- 45 points can be scored for your academic or professional qualifications
  • Work experience-  Depending on the number of years of work experience that you possess, you can get a total of 50 points
  • Language skills- 20 points can be fetched if you know both English and Chinese languages
  • Family background- 20 points

Thus, a maximum of 165 points should be scored under the various heads overall.

Hong Kong QMAS (Quality Migrant Admission Scheme)

This is a points-based immigration system. The Hong Kong, QMAS points calculator, requires a person to achieve 80 out of 165 in the General Points based test while 165 points should be scored if you are applying under the Achievement Points Based Test.

If you are planning to migrate to Hong Kong from India, you can avail certain benefits like:-

  • Tax rates in Hong Kong are relatively low
  • Residency can be easily obtained as compared to the other countries
  • High quality of life and second largest life expectancy in the world

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