Immigration – a Boon for German Economy

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The rise in immigration has been successful in bringing benefits to the German economy. The public health system and pensions funds of Germany gained owing to recent immigration and an additional 1.7 million up by 53 percent, made a contribution to the social security systems from 2008 to 2015.

Today Germany is regarded as a top destination to immigrate, and the statistics prove this in a big way. Doris Pfeiffer, head of National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds said that recent reforms were undertaken in the healthcare sector, and were expected to cost more for citizens, had registered an increase. This was largely possible because of inflows of young and Healthy Immigrants, into Germany. The report went on to add that when the entire picture of Germany Immigration was seen, it showed the stabilization of pension fund and contributions to health insurance.

Focus said that the Association of Health Insurance Funds would have an excess of €1.5 billion in 2017, owing to great contributions from immigrants.

The reason of profit is because of the European Immigrants and refugees. The recently insured people required fewer services. As regards the pensions youths tend to work for a longer period and pay before withdrawing their pensions, which reduces the expenses. Thus Moving to Germany by the young is indeed a boon.


The figure for Immigration to Germany during 2015 is 2.14 million, showing a jump of 46 percent compared to 2014. There was a criticism of the German Chancellor, regarding her liberal immigration policy. The balance of arrivals and departures across borders was an all time highest for the Federal Republic. This Migration is influenced by a combination of various factors like the attraction of economy, prosperity, political stability, environmental reasons, as well as political and social situation. International migration helps to remove major labor shortages.

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