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Migrate to Germany Without Job Offer

Seeking a Job in Germany Germany is the highly industrialized country in the Europe, and it is the most favorable destination for immigration. People from Asian and European countries come over here to progress in their areas of study, work, and research. Students come to Germany under the STEM program to pursue higher education. The skilled workers come here to settle with the German Job Seeker Visa.

Job offer not required

Germany Jobseeker Visa application requirements are comprehensive; you are exempted from having a job offer prior entering the Germany. Prospective applicants with three or more years of work experience can apply for the visa. The applicants must have pursued bachelors in STEM category and should possess skills that are helpful to the Germany Employer. However, with this is a temporary visa on finding a job in Germany within six months, your temporary visa will convert to the residence permit. In case if you are unable to locate the job you have to return to your homeland.

Seeking a Job in Germany is easy if you have made arrangements in advance before entering Germany with the Jobseeker Visa. You should have 15 years of education and good three years of work experience. Germany industries are robust and well known for releasing new products of innovative nature. Some industries face a serious shortage of skills, so Germany welcomes professionals who can fill the gap and keep the growth stable and consistent.

Prospective applicants must go through the immigration procedure and keep all the required documents ready before filing an application. It is advisable to seek the help of expert visa consultants because the visa application process is expensive and requires attention.  The Even single error could lead to rejection. You will have better opportunities if your skills are useful to Germany.

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