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Join Germany Labor market with EU Blue Card
Posted on: 09 May 2016  |   Tags: EU Blue Card , Germany Job Seeker Visa , tourist visa ,

Germany EU blue cardIf you are a skilled worker or an academic, the European Union’s Blue Card offers an easier way to join the German workforce and to begin new way of life in the world's one of the largest economy. A qualified professional with the salary requirement of 1.5 times of the national average wage of Germany will be issued the EU blued card along with the other essential requirements. Apart from living in the Germany, the nation bestows you with the other conditions; also, the equal opportunity to work, the free movement throughout the European Countries, the blue card holders can bring their families to the Germany. Chances of getting the permanent residences are high with the EU blue card, integrating into the new environment is easy if you have planned approach to applying for the Germany EU Blue Card.

How to apply for the Germany EU Blue Card

There are two possible ways to apply for the Germany Job seeker visa, firstly go for any Germany Embassy and lodge an application for the Germany EU Blue Card directly. The second visa is to enter Germany through the Job Seeker Visa or Visitor visa to file and then go ahead with the EU Blue Card application.

Tourist Visa

Applying for the tourist visa in the home requires documentation, the applicant must be aware of the procedure to request the visit visa. After entering Germany with the Visa, the prospective immigrant must have a valid address in the Germany to apply for the EU Blue card. Health insurance is required to apply for the EU Blue card, as you are not eligible for the national health insurance. Having the medical insurance from private companies would be appropriate. The Visa procedures are comprehensive applicants are expected to go ahead with the guidance from the expert consultants.

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