How To Apply For German Student Visa – Complete Guide

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Germany-Student-Visa-and-WorkPermitGerman Student Visa – Many International students prefer to study in Germany as it offers numerous benefits. Hence, all who wish to Study in Germany need to follow few steps given below

Choosing University

Choose your university in Germany if you wish to apply for a visa to study in Germany:  We find in many Indian cities, the German Academic Exchange service does offer free counselling about German universities for all students who Apply for Germany student visa.

Enrolment at University

The students do require certified copies of their academic market sheets as well as their certificates.

Sufficient Amount

As part of their student visa application, those individuals who file an application for a student visa to Germany do require to demonstrate proof that they have sufficient funds to cover their living costs in Germany.

Letter of Acceptance

The students should also receive a letter of acceptance from the institution or university where they wish to study. After receiving letter of acceptance from the German university or institution, they should prepare necessary documentation for their visa application

Apply In Advance

  • If the individuals have been accepted by the German university, then it is advisable to apply for student visa in person minimum three months in advance before going to Germany.
  • Applicants within EU (including Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein): if individuals belong to any of these nations and wish to study in Germany then they need not obtain German student visa before entering the nation
  • Applicants from Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Japan, South Korea or Switzerland, then you still do not require a visa to study in Germany. However, you would need to register at the resident’s registration office and alien’s registration office to get a residence permit.
  • Applicants from Andorra, El Salvador, Brazil, Honduras, Monaco, San Marino or Taiwan, you would need a student visa if you wish to work before or after completion of your degree. In this particular case, individuals must apply for a visa in their home nation at your local German embassy or consulate. Both visa holders and non-visa holders would need to apply for residence within two weeks of entry.

Applicant Belonging To Rest of the World

If the individuals are not from the countries listed above, then they would require a student visa for Germany.

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