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Germany Job Seeker VisaWhen it comes to working opportunities, Germany is a place where everyone can find an option regardless of their skill level. The country is facing the shortage of skilled professionals in the main fields so anyone who is interested in working abroad can apply for Germany Job Seeker Visa. Germany is the most popular destination for overseas nationals because of its strong economy, good educational system and diverse cultural landscape. The country is open for professionals with innovative attitude and skills. To work in Germany, applicants must be a graduate and can be of any age. The need for natural scientists, business management, professors, engineers and scientific personnel is also very high in Germany.

Germany Job seeker Visa

Germany Job Seeker Visa is a scheme initiated by the Federal Government to motivate qualified overseas professionals. Candidates with a university degree or a foreign degree that is equivalent to a German degree are eligible to enter the country. Germany Job Seeker Visa is a good option for those who wish to work in the country and settle abroad. Germany Job Seeker Visa paves the path to permanent residency and allows applicants to reside and search for a job within six months.

Why Germany Job Seeker Visa is the ideal option?

  • Individuals with Germany Job Seeker Visa can enter the country and search a job
  • No job offer is required to apply for a Germany Job Seeker Visa
  • Have six months to search for a job
  • Can get permanent residency
  • Can bring your dependents
  • Getting Employment visa becomes easier after you acquire a Germany Jobseeker Visa
  • Free education for children
  • Can easily get a residence permit employment after securing a position in the firm
  • IELTS score is not required to apply for Germany Job seeker visa

What are the prerequisites of Germany Job Seeker Visa?

To apply for Germany Job Seeker Visa, applicants must hold a valid degree from German Universities or foreign degrees that are compatible with German Degrees

  • Must hold sufficient funds and accommodation
  • Travel and medical insurance
  • Sufficient years of work experience in the nominated occupation can help you find work in Germany; however, it is not a mandatory requirement

Thus, if you are interested in working in Germany, then this is the right time for you to apply for Germany Job seeker visa.

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