Know the Procedure of Getting Germany EU Blue Card

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Germany EU Blue CardWant to work in Germany? Pondering on how to migrate to Germany for work purpose? Applying for a Germany EU Blue Card is the right option for you. Similar to the US Greencard, the EU blue card offers highly skilled workers of non-EU states an opportunity to work and reside in the European Union.

Germany EU Blue Card

Germany EU Blue Card is a residence permit, which is granted for specific proposes. It allows citizens from non-EU countries to reside in the EU member states for the purpose of work. Germany EU Blue card grants a stay in the EU to highly qualified non-EU state members. This should help to minimise the lack of skilled professionals.

Who can apply for Germany EU Bluer Card?

 Citizens of non-EU countries can apply for Germany EU blue card if:

  • He or she must hold a German or an accredited foreign or university degree that is equivalent to a German degree
  • Must hold a working contract with a gross annual compensation of minimum €48.400
  • Professions such as IT experts, engineers and doctors must earn at least a gross salary of €35,000
  • EU Blue Card holders are eligible for an infinite German work and residence permit after three years of continuous residence on the condition that their work contract is valid at the time of filing an application for permanent residency
  • Holders of EU Blue card with a basic working knowledge of spoken or written German may be eligible to apply for unlimited work and residence permits after two years of continuous residence
  • Spouses would be entitled with work authorization irrespective of German language skills

 Features of Germany EU Bluer Card   

Holders of EU Blue card can be granted a residence period of four years, and in case the working contract is less than four years, then the Germany EU Blue card is valid for the period of valid working contract with an extra period of three months. Family members can work for an infinite period.

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