Applying For Germany EU Blue Card- What You Need to Know?

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Germany EU Blue CardInterested in working in Germany? Pondering on the type of visa you should apply for? Germany EU Blue Card is the right option for people like you. Read on to find details about Germany EU Blue Card.

With a booming economy and flourishing industrial sector, Germany became the most favourite destination for people who wish to work abroad. The country is looking forward for skilled professionals and wishes to entice skilled immigrants to address the skill shortages. Most people prefer Germany immigration to benefit from its quality living standards, social welfare schemes, a good number of employment opportunities. With a decision taken to draw skilled immigrants, the German government has designed EU Blue Card on 1 August 2012.

What is Germany EU Blue Card?

Germany EU Blue Card is a temporary resident visa that is outlined especially for non-EU citizens who wish to work in Germany. To be eligible to apply for Germany EU Blue Card, applicants need to hold a valid job offer and employment contract. EU Blue Card for Indians allows them to work and stay in the country for a maximum period of four years. The European Commission has proposed Germany EU Blue Card, as a one-track procedure for non-EU citizens who wish to apply for Germany work permit.

What are the requirements of Germany EU Blue Card?

The following are the set of Germany EU Blue Card requirements that are needed to be fulfilled by the interested applicants.

  • Potential aspirants should hold a university degree and valid job offer and contract in Germany
  • Annual gross salary for the Germany EU Blue Card applicant must be minimum €45,000
  • Professions with skill shortages such as tech heads, engineers and doctors must receive a minimum yearly gross salary of €35,000
  • Successful applicants of Germany EU Blue Card may be eligible for unlimited work and residence permit upon residing in the country for a continuous period of three years and must hold a valid work agreement while filing application for the Germany PR application

What are the features of Germany EU Blue Card?

Germany EU Blue Card is valid for four years, and an application for unlimited residence permit can be applied for three years. Also, if the Germany EU Blue Card holder has sufficient knowledge on German language, then he/she can apply for the unlimited residence permit after two years. Moreover, dependents EU Blue Card holder are permitted an unrestricted right to work in Germany. Partners are not required to speak German to join the EU Blue Card holder in the country.

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