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India Has the Highest Level of Employee Commitment
Posted on: 12 Oct 2013  |   Tags: Employee Commitment , Employee Engagement and Retention ,

According to the latest survey, India leads the way in world-wide employee commitment, with 50% of Indian workforce being completely committed to their jobs. Employee CommitmentAccording to Kelly Services’ 'Employee Engagement and Retention' – a Workforce Index Survey, said that India has the topmost level of employee commitment (50%) followed by Indonesia (43%) and then Malaysia (34%). According to the Global Workforce Solutions Provider’s Report, the least level of employee commitment was found in Hong Kong (15%). A little above Hong Kong was Thailand (20%) and Singapore (22%). India Managing Director of Kelly Services, Kamal Karanth said that in managing the organizing socialization of new employees, there is a huge challenge for employers so that they are integrated well and productive to the organization. Merely changing jobs does not make for satisfied employees, and a huge factor is the way supervisors and managers handle the transition. The report also divulged that, on average, 64% of people who changed jobs in the last 12 months were pleased with their new positions across APAC. On the other hand,  it pointed out that 75% of Indian employees are pleased with their new job. The report insisted that staying at a position within a company is vital to gain ample experience in a particular field, and the rates of job-change were least in India (33%), Indonesia (31%), Puerto Rico (30%) and South Africa (21%). It added that an employee’s willingness to recommend their workplace or employer as a selected place to work is a key index of employee satisfaction. In APAC region, around 28% feel they will recommend their workplace to their colleagues. Globally, around 38% feel that personal fulfillment is the core factor influencing choice of jobs across all generations. This is followed by personal advancement or growth (29%). Benefits or compensation are ranked as the 3rd most important factor at 26% influencing job choice. For more updates Follow us at Facebook

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