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Chennai to host World Universities Debating Championship 2014

One of Chennai’s leading educational institutions, Rajalakshmi Institutions, is chosen by the World Universities Debating Council to host the first ever WUDC (World Universities Debating Championship) 2014 to be held in South Asia. Chennai WUDCScheduled between 28th Dec, 2013 and 3rd Jan, 2014, the debating event will take place at Rajalakshmi Institutions’ Thandalam campus. Students from the US, UK, UAE, and other countries like China, Australia, Germany, Russia, Canada, Scotland, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, South Africa, Serbia, Sweden, South Korea, Pakistan and Venezuala will battle it out with each other in this much awaited war of words. Coordinated by Rajalakshmi Institutions’ student committee, the parliamentary style world–class debate will have debaters from world’s Ivy League schools and universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford, Monash and other leading universities around the globe compete to win the prestigious title of ‘World Champion’. Registered for this event are around 1500 people and over 380 teams along with the event’s adjudicators who are scheduled to gather at the campus. Rajalakshmi Institutions’ Chairperson, Dr. Thangam Meganathan, says they are immensely proud at their students’ initiative and successfully bringing the prestigious WUDC 2014 to India. Dr. Meganathan added that it will be a pleasure to observe students from myriad cultures and backgrounds expressing their opinions during the Debating Championship.

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