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Are TOEFL Scores from INDIA rigged?

We have source based information from USA consulate that in recent past TOEFL Exams were fixed by candidates in centers authorized by the ETS. Candidates were being charged Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000 by touts who would guarantee more than 110/120 score to applicants. This has been happening for the last 2 years, and somehow these centers got away and made a lot of money out of this illegal act.

The Entry Officers have come across scores of applicants who were not even able to communicate in Basic English. We all know that USA HC (High Commission) has been conducting a personal interview for all kinds of visas in their centers since Sept 11, 2001 (or before) so it was not a surprise for them to see people who find it difficult to speak understandable English, scoring 110 in TOEFL. It took them almost 2 years to discover this, but still, I feel it’s never too late.

Srikanth (name changed) says “I have seen the entry officer taking some candidates into a room and asking them to write a Basic English test which they all failed and hence have been invited to accept that their scores were false. When the candidates agreed on the case officers, let them go without any action”. As to my understanding, they were let off because how many people will they take action against and in this process where they will pass on the piled up visa interviews? I agree that all good things come to an end, but it seems like bad things take longer time.

As an Opulentian I am always in for these kinds of strict corrective measures and vouch that I will do anything to keep the whole process clean. My opinion is simple when you cannot communicate Basic English here than how you would subscribe to larger issues without any hassles in the USA? Thus the ODD jobs, thus the struggle and thus you end up in the USA but not as you thought you should have been!

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