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USA & Canada count upon foreign investors to save their economies

United States and Canada are strategizing new measures to recover from recession. Both the governments are aiming to bring sustainable growth for their respective countries and boost their per capita income to remain at par with the rest of the world. The fresh measures of US are getting framed with a view to support the economic development as well as encourage investments. Increase in investments will help overseas business to obtain H-1B non-immigrant status easier than before. These policies are a result of current demands by different business groups and pro-labor groups as they were requesting the congressional subcommittee to change the modus operandi for obtaining an H-1B visa by making it simpler. Jared Polis, a Congressman cited that "Encouraging overseas investor immigration can be seen as the next step in the development process of America’s prosperity as the latest visa developments will let lots of immigrants to come to the country and invest their funds." On the other hand, Canada is planning to improve community economic development and expand broadband infrastructure to deprived areas by taking on projects which undertake the specified issues. To develop the momentum gained via their earlier investments in science and technology, considerable effort will be heading to shape the knowledge-based economy. Canada's Industrial Segment stressed the real effect would be felt in the current fiscal year itself and Canadians will witness the recovery. “We have to get our structure correct, by employing policies that will take us forward. It is fundamental to guarantee Canada's place in the worldwide market”, said Minister Clement. “We stay dedicated to two-way trade and investment that increases our competence to produce jobs and economic development and grants for sustainable affluence”, he added.

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