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canada Permanent Residence VisaCanada rolled out to be a prosperous destination for most of the people who wish to settle overseas. With good quality of life, finest educational services and strong economy, Canada has become a coveted destination for most of individuals who wish to immigrate. With the rise in a number of individuals immigrating to Canada, the government has designed a number of programs for prospective aspirants who wish to immigrate to Canada. Individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada permanently must obtain a Permanent Resident Visa. There are a number of programs through which one can acquire Canadian Permanent Resident Visa. Here, we are assisting you by providing information about a few programs that may lead to Canadian permanent residency.

Permanent Residency Visa programs:

There are different types of Permanent Residency Visa programs, and each program has its own application procedure and requirements. Candidates who wish to immigrate to Canada permanently must file an application for any one of the following programs to acquire Permanent Residency.

Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program

Under FSW program, selection of individuals depends on the ability to settle in Canada. It is a point’s based system, and individuals must score at least 67 points to be qualified for FSW program. FSW applications will be evaluated based on education, work experience, language skills, and other factors.  

Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers

To be selected as a Canada Quebec-selected skilled worker, individuals must obtain a certificate of selection from the Government of Quebec to file an application for Canadian permanent residency.

Canadian Experience Class

Under Canadian Experience Class, Aspirants with recent Canadian work experience or have done their graduation or employed in Canada can immigrate to Canada.  

Start-up Visa

Start-up Visa Program allows the entrepreneurs who can invest or establish a business in the country to immigrate to canada permanently.

Family Sponsorship

Spouses, conjugal or common-law partner, dependent/ adopted child, and other eligible relatives can immigrate to Canada permanently, if they are sponsored by an individual who is a citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

Provincial nominees

Under Provincial nominee program, individuals with skills, work experience and educational qualifications who can contribute their skills for the growth of particular Canadian province or territory can immigrate to Canada. Applicants must be selected by a specific province or territory of Canada to be eligible for this program. 

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