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Spouse visa rule is on hold in UK courts

An immigration rule for the spouses of British citizens which was launched by former labor government in the year 2008 has been kept aside by UK court. The rule specified that age of the spouses should be at least 21 years before they are permitted to stay in UK. The rule had bad impact on large number of British citizens who were natives of India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. The rule was introduced with an aim of preventing forced marriages under which non EU spouses below 21 years of age were banned to UK.  But the decision of court has proved to be a hinder for David Cameron government which aimed at ending forced marriages. The court said the rule does not provide clear justification and it hampers the human rights of many couples and their private family life as well. Damain Green, the Immigration Minister was disappointed by the court’s judgment and said policy had been judged elsewhere in Europe to be lawful.

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